Why Water Quality Matters

Why protecting soil with Turfbolt is essential for healthy cuttings, lawns and more.

Golf Course Before and After Turfbolt Treatment. Notice the reduction of brown spots.

Water, as a rule, is widely overlooked. Generally, we consider all water is created equal, however, the more we learn about the composition of water the more we understand that not all water contains the same properties. Water quality matters when it comes to healthy sustainable growth. Hard water, high TDS (total dissolved salts) and too much chlorine can create a multitude of problems for any growing environment that requires healthy soil. We accept hard water where soft is not available, but it’s a lackadaisical mentality when applied towards plant growth and soil infiltration. Hard waters inhibit full nutrition value for topsoil and other growing planes, resulting in stunted growth. For golf course groundskeepers to everyday avid lawn growers, you may discover that hard water not only creates dry/brown patches but also lowering the density of growth. This situation is not acceptable, and certainly not a viable. Enter the Turfbolt, designed to transform your hard water into soft, a more vibrant composition for healthier soil, cuttings, and lawns.

Research is clear that using clean and softened water reduces water consumption as opposed to its counterpart. Working with water softening solutions such as Turfbolt can save up to 20% water usage while creating far superior growth results. Who hasn’t been to a golf course and admired the lush green fairways and greens? Let’s take this case study provided in this compelling before and after photo. This photo presents a golf course before Turfbolt treatment, and after. The difference is remarkable, and it’s most notable to look at the dry brown patches vs the even coverage using Turfbolt technology. Not only is this course saving on water consumption, but eliminating scaly mineral buildup in the hosing connections. Turfbolt also will save this groundskeeper time and energy, as this system is easily threaded into current course hosing and fertilization systems. No need to reinvent the wheel and add new piping and watering networks.

We can clearly see the difference Turfbolt makes as the top picture indicates no treatment, while the bottom tomato plants are rich and lush and green.

What about plant growth, especially produce? How does Turfbolt facilitate healthy yields? Let’s take a look at these tomato plants to showcase a real-world growth example. As you’ll see, the pictures are clear. Without Turfbolt technology, we find wilted, burnt brown leaves while the second image shows vibrant green leaves with lush tomato fruit. This example is striking and proves evident that Turfbolt technology is the superior water conditioner on the market.

Let’s read a quote from a Turfbolt customer with respects to Magnation, the engineers behind Turfbolt. “We encountered extreme heat conditions over this specific period and the Magnation-watered tomatoes had way less heat burn and were overall much stronger and healthier than the non-Magnation tomato plants. The Magnation-watered tomatoes had an increased yield of 10.48% above the non Magnation watered tomatoes and received 20% less water. It was also noted at the end of the cycle that the Magnation watered plants had a better-developed root structure and overall plant mass was better than the non-Magnation watered plants (29% and 18.75% respectively).”

Turfbolt’s usual life span falls between 10-15 years, and you’ll continue to save energy and water costs while using this product with no fluctuation in quality. Turfbolt was made to be chemical-free, energy-efficient and maintenance-free. Additionally, Turfbolt is constructed and engineered to use zero byproducts. This product has also been incredibly handy and useful for both consumer and professional landscapers as it’s completely portable and clips directly to any faucet. Note that Turfbolt works best with aluminum, copper or plastic piping up to an 1” in diameter.

Detailed Turfbolt Benefits include (courtesy of Magnation):

  • Keeps sprayer parts, emitters, and nozzles free of mineral build up
  • Reduced water, energy, and chemical requirements
  • Solve hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell) issues
  • Significantly reduced water hardness (CaMg)
  • Solve calcium carbonate (CaCO3) problems
  • Eliminate localized hydrophobic dry spots
  • Reduce SAR’s (Sodium adsorption ratio)
  • Solve bicarbonate (HCO3) problems
  • Increased dissolved oxygen (O2)
  • Denser, safer and greener turf
  • Improved nutrient uptake

Why Phytotronics?

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