DGT Invertible Nozzles – 3/8″ BWT

Practically maintenance free, these inverted nozzles have a unique anti-drip function.


  • Threads are BWT (British Whitworth Thread)
  • Built-in membrane and filter crates a unique anti-drip function
  • Consumes less water • Self-cleaning
  • Automatic drain valve at the end of each line is required for best operation
  • Use PVC Nozzle Adapters or the Mini Adapter for installation
  • For replacement parts, click here
  • Care should be taken when drilling holes in pipe to assure each nozzle is in the same plane and not offset.


Available Options
3000 – DGT Blue (4-8 ft. Avg. Dia. Covered)
3038 – DGT White (4-8 ft. Avg. Dia. Covered)
3090 – DGT Red (6-10 ft. Avg. Dia. Covered)
3092 – DGT Yellow (8-12 ft. Avg. Dia. Covered)

1/8″ Barb Option (Blue)
1/8″ Barb Option (White)
1/8″ Barb Option (Yellow)
1/8″ Barb Option (Red)

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DGT Blue, DGT White, DGT Red, DGT Yellow, 1/8" Barb DGT Blue, 1/8" Barb DGT White, 1/8" Barb DGT Red, 1/8" Barb DGT Yellow