DGT Upright Nozzle – 3/8” BWT

Superb misting and watering nozzles for low pressure application in an upright position. Also available are our Nozzle Riser Adapters. These come in two styles, one for female pipe thread and another for slip-on connections.


  • Threads are BWT (British Whitworth Thread)
  • Two piece housing with O-ring seal and screen
  • Use PVC Nozzle Adapters or the Mini Adapter for installation
  • For replacement parts, click here
  • Care should be taken when drilling holes in pipe to assure each nozzle is in the same plane and not offset.


Available Options
3001 – DGT Blue (4-8 ft. Avg. Dia. Covered)
3002 – DGT White (4-8 ft. Avg. Dia. Covered)
3003 – DGT Red (6-10 ft. Avg. Dia. Covered)
3004 – DGT Yellow (8-12 ft. Avg. Dia. Covered)
3020 – 3/8”BSW x 1/2”FPT DGT Nozzle
3021 – 3/8”BSW x 1/2”SLIP DGT Nozzle

* Maximum height the spray will arc above the nozzle top.

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DGT Blue, DGT White, DGT Red, DGT Yellow, 1/8" Barb DGT Blue, 1/8" Barb DGT White, 1/8" Barb DGT Red, 1/8" Barb DGT Yellow