Fertil Dispenser Granular Top Dresser

The Fertil™ Dispenser Granular Top Dresser is ideal for top dressing containerized plants. Fast, accurate and efficient, this backpack wonder will fertilize up to 1500 plants an hour and apply 2 to 25 grams per dose.

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  • Top Dress up to 1500 plants per hour!
  • Adjust application rates from 2 to 25 grams (6 gr = 1 tsp, 18 gr = 1 tbsp)
  • Holds up to 20 quarts or approximately 44 pounds of controlled release fertilizer, granular fertilizer or other granular products.
  • Ideal for fertilizing containerized plants and in-ground trees and shrubs.
  • Accurate, consistent dosage saves application costs and improves crop quality.
  • All mechanical operation. No expensive electronics to go bad!
  • Limited two year warranty.

Fertil Dispenser Granular Top Dresser Instructions