The Fertil Dispenser: Accurate and Uniform Fertilizer Application

The Fertil Dispenser in Use

Accurate and uniform fertilizer application is a must for the professional grower. Without it, the measure of growth will not be correct and can result in lost yields and profit. Fertilizer can be quite expensive, and uneven application can also lead to fertilizer overages and spills. Phytotronics’ friends at EnGrow has developed and engineered the Fertil Dispenser, which accurately dispenses top dressing fertilizers with accurate gram weight control.

The vision of the Fertil Dispenser is to provide the premium product to professional growers that saves on labor cost, provides accurate application, and saves on spills all while working in an ergonomic way.

What makes the Fertil Dispenser unique, as opposed to other like products, is that it can dispense coated, granular and powder fertilizers. This allows tremendous flexibility and variety of product. Aside from being the most versatile applicator on the market, the Fertil Dispenser also can be used for powdered insecticide.

While all of these features and engineering are remarkable, the proof is how much the Fertil Dispenser can fertilize within a given time period. The Fertil Dispenser can fertilize up to 1,500 plant containers per hour, which drastically reduces labor cost. Speed and efficiency is no problem when using the Fertil Dispenser, and you will achieve significant results and even yields at a fraction of the time typically needed. The dispensing mechanism in the Fertil Dispenser issues precise dosage, making the task fool proof and provides the peace of mind that you are not over fertilizing the plants. The head of the Fertil Dispenser is metered, and can adjust between 2 to 26 grams.

Lightweight with a true ergonomic design, the Fertil Dispenser exceeds in producing less less strain on the body, especially the back. Anyone can pick up the Fertil Dispenser and get to work with no training needed due to it’s simplicity.

The Fertil Dispenser is designed by growers, for growers. To order please find your nearest distributor or call 314-770-0717.

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