Save Money and Space with Phytotronics’ Germination Chamber

The Phytotronics Germination Chamber comes completely assembled and ready to plug and use.

The ideal location for the chamber is out of direct sunlight. The sun can quickly heat the chamber past the desired set point. The fans will vent the hot air, but will also remove the necessary humidity. The chamber can be located even in areas where puddles are undesirable. Phytotronics’ Germination Chambers have a channel built in at the bottom of the door opening to catch condensation running down the doors and direct the water back into the chamber.


If you have a lot of trays to germinate and want to save money and space, a Phytotronics’ Germination Chamber is the answer.

The door open fully, allowing the shelves to be removed for easy cleaning and disinfecting of both the shelves and the inside of the chamber. Each shelf will hold four 1020 trays. The doors are made from clear polycarbonate to allow you to see the trays inside. The humidity is kept high to prevent the soil from drying out as would happen with other heat sources. This is accomplished with the heater being submerged in water. You can fill the reservoir by hand or hook it up through the hose connection. There is a float valve to prevent the chamber from overfilling with water. There is also a safety switch that prevents the heat from running when exposed to air and damaging the fire rod, in case the water is shut off to the chamber. There is an aluminum baffle that forces the hot air to circulate around the chamber.

The chamber is controlled with a digital thermostat. Set the thermostat at the optimum temperature for germination of the seed you are using. A quick Google search will give you this answer. Unlike bottom heat, all cells in all the trays will be at this temperature. Most seeds will germinate in 3 days.

Many growers ask if light are available for the Germination Chamber. Near 100% humidity is a bad environment to grow seedlings in, so we don’t offer them. This request comes from stretched seedlings. The key to avoid this is to watch for the first wave of germination. When you see the seedlings just starting to break the soil surface, pull the trays out of the chamber and place in the greenhouse. You will notice that only half of the seeds are breaking the surface. The other half have germinated and you will see them break the surface in a few days.

Stretching of seedlings is less from a lack of light and more due to the higher heat needed for germination. Users of bottom heat will see the same thing if they leave their seedlings on the heat passed germination.

If you have a lot of trays to germinate and want to save money and space, a Phytotronics’ Germination Chamber is the answer.

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For over 36 years Phytotronics has been an innovative manufacturer of precision equipment and supplies for the commercial greenhouse and nursery grower. Our Phytotronics line of mist controllers and related equipment, as well as the Rhizopon™ are used by professional plant propagators and growers across North America.