Dependable Greenhouse Misting and Watering Solution with our Super Nova 12 Zone Misting Controller

Professional growers know that a dependable greenhouse misting and watering solution must go beyond the initial install. The system must serve the plant needs, zone requirements and be able to precisely gauge water consumption with energy costs. Key word here is ‘precisely’. Not all misting and watering controllers provide precise zone control, but our engineers at Phytotronics have developed such a device.

Our Super Nova 12 Zone Misting Controller is a precision machine, built to provide exemplary water consumption at a fraction of energy cost. This controller, as well as our other line of controllers, are built to handle the climate changes and conditions needed for greenhouse use year after year. Our enclosure is made from non-metallic material and is also UV protected. Additionally, there is no need to worry about chemicals or moisture interfering with the controller circuitry.

While other controllers on the market have fancy gauges which tend to confuse more than help, our interfaces are designed for anyone to use with ease. This allows non-English speakers to use our Super Nova 12 Zone Misting Controller with ease, as it’s truly a ‘turn the knob, set it and forget it’. Truly, what the operator sets is what the controller will produce. There is no hoping that you set the knobs right. No guesswork equals more efficiency and better throughput. Our ‘plug and play’ feature has been designed to run your systems 24/7 by using the on-board knob settings. However, it’s important to know that if you use the clock system, you will need to manually adjust times for your needs.

We’ve built the Super Nova 12 Zone Misting Controller from the ground up, taking care of all the nuts and bolts so you don’t have to. That being said, we must say that trying to run 12 zones and not have them overlap (as a means to not overtax limited water flow and pressure) is difficult. This solution is not achievable if a knob is set to 2 minutes off. Also, note that our programming has been fixed to make sure only one zone runs at a time when the ‘Off’ switches are set to 4 minutes or more. When setting your clock control, ensure that you are ordering your zones properly so overtaxing can be avoided.

No one offers the precision and value that our Super Nova 12 Zone Misting controller offers. Period. Our products are built for growers, by growers. Product features include:

  • Sturdy non-metallic enclosure, UV protected, resists moisture & chemicals
  • 1x, 2x, 3x time extender toggle switch
  • One connection for the common wire
  • 24-hour digital clock, with 8 programmable events to turn controller off
  • Includes 24VAC plug-in transformer
  • 2-year warranty
  • 12 Zones of Control: one or two zones at a time, not to exceed 20 watts per zone.
  • Variable Misting Time per Zone: ON time and OFF can be set in a wide range of seconds or minutes.

If you already have a Super Nova and looking for support, please contact us or visit our product page to view our Nova Troubleshooting guide.



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