Electronic Leaf

One of our most popular controllers, the Electronic Leaf, or E-Leaf as it’s called for short, is also one of our most versatile. When it’s cool in the greenhouse, it comes on less. When it warms up later in the day, the “leaf” dries out faster and kicks on the needed moisture. Because of this, you get pin point control.

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  • Simple and effective way to mist cuttings
  • Works on the principle of evaporation. The weight of mist on the metal screen controls solenoid operation
  • 24 volt output, 40 VA, 120 volt in
  • 24-volt plug-in transformer with 20’ of cord included
  • 20’ of 18/2 wire for solenoid valve connection also included
  • Housing made with durable stainless steel
  • Green LED light indicates power is provided to the electric leaf
  • Blue LED light indicates power is supplied to the solenoid valve
  • 2 year warranty

Electronic Leaf Instructions


Electronic Leaf Flyer