NOVA 1626ET – 6 Zone Controller

Our most popular controller, The NOVA 6 mists up to 6 different zones, one zone at a time in your greenhouse. With an easy to read 24-hour digital clock, the NOVA can be programmed to handle up to 8 different time events.

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  • Sturdy non-metallic enclosure, UV protected, resists moisture & chemicals
  • 1x, 2x, 3x time extender toggle switch
  • One connection for the common wire
  • 24 hour digital clock, with 8 programmable events to turn controller off
  • Includes 24VAC plug-in transformer
  • 2 year warranty
  • 6 Zones of Control: One zone at a time, not to exceed 20 watts per zone.
  • One Zone Operation: System is designed so that not more than one zone will be in operation at a time, eliminating the possibility of reduced water pressure, uneven misting or solenoids being stuck in an open phase without enough water pressure to close them.
  • Variable Misting Time per Zone: ON time and OFF can be set in a wide range of seconds or minutes.


  • Check for green light on transformer, if no, replace transformer. If yes and the light and screen are not working on the controller, check that the power switch is up, otherwise send controller in for repair
  • The controller is set to be on and all is showing is the time - the am/pm on either the event or the clock is wrong, pm is noted by a red dot in the lower right corner of the display
  • C ERR – too much power being pulled by the solenoids, if you have zones manually turned on turn them off and unplug the controller, wait 30 seconds and plug back in.
  • Zones running that should be off – using the up or down button bring the zone’s number in question up in the small display window. A green light signifies that the controller is sending power to the solenoid and the countdown in the large window is how much longer the zone will run. A red light means the controller is not sending power and the countdown in the large window shows how long until that zone runs again.
  • After following the above if a zone is running that the controller is not sending power to, unplug the controller, if the zone is still running you have a solenoid problem. If the solenoid is new, check to make sure it is plumbed in the correct direction. If old, replace the solenoid.
  • If the controller is sending power, use an electrical meter to first determine if power is coming out of the controller, then follow your wiring all the way to the solenoid check for power anywhere there is a break in the wiring until you get to the solenoid. If you have power at the controller but not at the solenoid, replace your wiring. If you have power at the solenoid and it’s not working, make sure there is water at the solenoid, if so, replace the solenoid.
  • If you have any other issues, call. More than likely the controller will need to come in for repair.

NOVA 1626ET Manual