Boost Your Plant Growth With Electronic Leaf Mist Controller

Exceptional plant growth and propagation must adhere to proper watering conditions, environment, time of day and evaporation schedules. The key is finding the proper balance, while offering the grower peace of mind. Additionally, less watering time in the greenhouse is cost effective, and provides more flexibility for the grower.

Overwatering is serious business, and a concern growers face on a day to day basis. Phytotronics have solved this dilemma with their patented Electronic Leaf Mist Controller. The Electronic Leaf Mist Controller will boost your plant growth as it functions as a real leaf. The weight of the mist that settles on the stainless steel “leaf” will turn off the solenoid. As the water starts to evaporate, the “leaf” will rise and begin a new cycle. This is a natural solution to a major problem, and has proven to be a cost effective and smart way to water your cuttings and plants naturally. The stainless steel “leaf” is also adjustable and allow for more or less misting.

The Electronic Leaf Mist Controller is feature packed and energy efficient. Each unit is supplied with a 24-volt AC transformer, and 20’ of 18-gauge two-strand irrigation wire that can easily attach to a 24-volt solenoid. The Electronic Leaf Mist Controller is housed in a durable stainless steel frame, and easy to install. Simply place the “Leaf” on a misting bench, balance and connect to your solenoid valve. Once the solenoid is energized, a LED light will display. The green LED indicates power is being provided to the leaf, while the blue LED indicates that power is being supplied to the solenoid valve. Additionally, as mentioned before, your “Leaf” is adjustable to provide more or less moisture. Phytotronics offers a 2-year warranty for the Electronic Leaf Mist Controller.

The Electronic Leaf Mist Controller is designed by growers, for growers. To order your Electronic Leaf Mist Controller, please find your nearest distributor or call 314-770-0717.

Why Phytotronics?

  • Phytotronics is the safer technology for the modern grower
  • Phytotronics products enhances your growing power and profitability
  • Solutions for a better harvest

For over 36 years Phytotronics has been an innovative manufacturer of precision equipment and supplies for the commercial greenhouse and nursery grower. Our Phytotronics line of mist controllers and related equipment, as well as the Rhizopon™ are used by professional plant propagators and growers across North America.