The Nova 6 Zone Misting Controller – Trusted for 41 years!

Sometimes the best equipment for your greenhouse doesn’t come with WiFi, smartphone integration, ‘smart’ features, or bells and whistles that only inflate the markup. In many cases, greenhouse production thrives on technology that simply works, does the job and does it well. Our Nova 6 Zone Misting Controller cuts out the nonsense and gets the job done, and has been doing it for 41 years. There is no other product on the market that can guarantee and deliver performance and precision like the Nova 6.

We’ve all heard the phrase “if it ‘aint broken, why fix it?”. This rings true with the well-built Nova 6 Zone Misting Controller. Generations of growers enjoy the benefits and sturdy construction of this controller, as well as the healthy yields and profits it provides. As with all our controllers, we stress that anyone can learn how to use this device in a matter of minutes. It’s intuitive in that there are no language barriers, no heavy manuals to read, and can be installed in no time. No need for apps or staring at your smartphone. What you see is what it will produce. Set it and forget it.

As the name suggests, the Nova 6 will mist up to 6 different zones, one zone at a time. Our controller is designed this way to prevent water pressure drops, as operating multiple zones can drastically change how the water pressure behaves. Reduced water pressure can lead to solenoids being stuck in an open phase, as there is not enough pressure to close them. Additionally, the Nova can be programmed to handle 8 different events across a 24 hour digital clock. The controller comes built for water cycle precision, and is enclosed in a non-metallic enclosure. Due to the quality of this enclosure, the controller is naturally UV protected and resistant to moisture and chemicals.

Time management is simple as the Nova has seconds on, minutes off settings as well as a 1x, 2x, 3x time extender switch. This allows precise watering in a range of minutes or seconds. Consequently, your plants are always watered efficiently, all the time. There is one connection for the common wire, and the controller comes complete with a 24VAC plug-in transformer.

Along with our Nova 6 Zone Misting Controller comes a standard 2 year warranty. We highly recommend plugging your zone controller into a surge protector. Voltage spikes and surges happen, and a surge protector will safeguard your controller to prevent burnout or system failure. We also recommend avoiding install locations where there is excessive heat and away from direct liquid sources. Mounting hardware is included for typical installations at no additional charge.

We invite you to look at our instruction manual and our troubleshooting steps on our website.

The Nova 6 Zone Misting Controller is designed by growers, for growers and has been proved to be reliable for 41 years. To order your Nova 6 Zone Misting Controller, please find your nearest distributor on our distributor list.



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