Why Heat Mats and Thermostats Provide the Best Growth Environment

Heat mats and thermostats are an essential component to ensure the best soil temperatures for seedling, cutting and plant growth. A successful yield is solely dependent on the air and soil temperatures, and how these two factors facilitate a successful seed growing condition. No matter how large or small your growth operation is, a heat mat and thermostat setup is the most important part of your growth forecasting needs.

Our Redi-Heat™ Heavy-Duty Propagation Mats are constructed from thick, flexible, rubberized PVC in Phyto Blue color. These mats provide even, constant heat to bottom of flats and pots for superior germination. The best thing about heating mats is that they can be used for any application. Everything from cuttings, young plants, transplants and indoor plants grow more steadily and provides an even growth pattern. Even stubborn seeds can germinate quicker, creating less headache for the grower. Our heat mats come in two widths. 12” or 21” wide in 5’, 10’ and 20’ lengths (5’ and 10’ only for our 21” wide mat.)

Using our heavy-duty propagation mats require the use of a Redi-Heat RDT-4 Thermostat. The RDT-4 Thermostat features a digital temperature display and 4 outlets for plugging in Redi-Heat™ Heavy-Duty Propagation Mats or Redi-Heat™ Heavy Duty Heating Cables. The sensor probe (with 52” long sensor cable) is inserted into the cell of the plug tray to give an accurate temperature setting. Our temperature ranges fall between 40 – 99 degrees F, with a built in 20amp circuit breaker. This thermostat is built for efficiency and ease of use. Simply attach the thermostat to mat, and you will get an accurate read every time. There will certainly be no question to even coverage, and we stand by this with our two-year warranty.

Our heat mats and thermostat combination keep you in control of your indoor plants. As a rule, keep in mind that soil temperatures tend to run 5°F lower than the air temp. Your mats will help regulate this heat as there are temperature fluctuations between daytime and evening. Your germination area can suffer without the use of mats and thermostats.

Our heat mats will raise soil temp up to 20°F above ambient air temperature which allows you to save on heating cost. Once the first wave of germination starts pushing through the soil surface remove trays from the heat mat, turn the mat off or reduce the temperature. Keeping the soil at the elevated temperature needed for germination will cause the seedlings to stretch, no matter the intensity of light being provided. The other cells that have not pushed through yet have germinated and will push through in a few days.

If you are unsure about your current heat mat/thermostat setup or want to learn more about these products, please look at our thermostat and heat products found here or contact Phytotronics at 314-770-0717. We can also discuss your current growing environment and germination setup.

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