Heat Mats and Thermostats – Introduction and Simple Guide

Heat mats and thermostats go hand in hand during the germination process of a seed and rooting of cuttings. Not all seeds germinate equally, and require different temperatures to germinate properly. For example, your greenhouse may host a variety of seeds such as Begonias, portulaca, peppers, lettuce, peas, pansy, etc. Your peppers, begonia and portulaca will require a consistent and greater heat level to germinate properly, whereas pansy, peas and lettuce thrive on lower temperatures. That’s where heat mats come in, as they provide the steady heat needed to germinate the seeds equally, without constant monitoring. Precision is key in the germination process, and too much heat or too little can grind the germination to a screeching halt.

Many newcomers to this technology are unsure how the heat mat process works. The biggest question is when to use them, and when to discontinue use. Remember that heat mats are used for germination only, and should be discontinued once sprouting occurs. Think of heat mats as a nursery aid, and not as an end all method during growth and/or soil break. That said, heat mats should be applied 24/7 and run continuous before the seed sprouts. This ensure consistent heat application to ensure the habitat for the seed is sustainable. The thermostat acts as a gauge to ensure that you are not using too much heat or too little. You can use the heat mats without the thermostat, but you will run the risk of possibly cooking if you are not careful.

Before purchasing your heat mat, consider the conditions you live in. Do you live in a hot climate or cold? How will humidity play a part and do I need specific greenhouse to tailor to my needs? How warm is my soil regularly and do I run the risk of mold?

Phytotronics has been in the germination business for over 36 years and has the experience to answer your questions. We encourage cautious purchasers to contact us and talk about your germination needs. Ultimately, you need experienced horticulturalists helping you meet your goals as your success is our success. Look at our Redi-Het Heat Mats and Thermostats products. Our mats come in 12” wide and 21” wide. We also have lengths ranging from 5’ to 20’ (20’ length for 12” only). Call us anytime at 314-770-0717 and let’s work together to meet your germination goals.



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