Introducing Smart Mist Solutions and Innovation by Phytotronics.

Constantly adjusting your mist controller to keep up with changing weather can be a hassle. The risk of not getting the settings right is great. Too much water can saturate the growing media and cause root rot. Too little and the entire crop can be lost to desiccation. Much of today’s technology is labeled as “smart”, and the horticultural industry is no exception. Fortunately, Phytotronics has a “Smart Mist” approach that is perfectly suitable for all greenhouses for safe, automated plant production.

Our Water Plus 12-Zone Misting Controller offers a smart solution to a complex problem. With a flip of a few switches, your mist will adapt to changing conditions. Starting off in the morning with longer times between misting and as the day gets hotter, the times will get shorter. Our VPD sensor is sensitive and highly effective by registering real-time humidity and temperature. This real-time technology adds tremendous value, by changing how often the mist comes on and keeping your cuttings perfectly hydrated. Water waste essentially becomes a non-issue. As we know, excessive water usage adds to high bills and unneeded stress. Although this real-time technology is smart and effective, what makes the Water Plus Misting Controller so unique is that it offers repeat functions, and can cycle between night and day operation. With a built in 24 hour clock, it can keep your misting efforts running during the day, and smartly turn it off during evening hours or you can keep it running during the night and let the Water Plus determine when enough evaporation has happened to mist again.

From a design standpoint, our hinged clear cover large LCD screen makes it easy to see what you’re doing, and all functions are clearly labeled right out of the box. Each Water Plus 12-Zone Misting Controller includes a comprehensive installation guide to get you up and running in no time.

Our smart misting zone technology is one of our many efforts to bring the very best horticultural products to the modern age. Farmers and growers can experience a “next-gen” experience that is affordable, easy to manage and reliable. We continue to bring new features and product updates regularly to ensure value for your production schedules and goals. Rely on us to bring more “smart” horticultural innovations to you, all backed with our stellar customer service pledge and Phytotronics guarantee.

Why Phytotronics?

  • Phytotronics is the safer technology for the modern grower
  • Phytotronics products enhances your growing power and profitability
  • Solutions for a better harvest

For over 36 years Phytotronics has been an innovative manufacturer of precision equipment and supplies for the commercial greenhouse and nursery grower. Our Phytotronics line of mist controllers and related equipment, as well as the Rhizopon™ are used by professional plant propagators and growers across North America.