Integrated Pest Management Strategy using Pestrap™ and Pestick™

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an essential part of a greenhouse insect control strategy. Insects such as aphids can contaminate a greenhouse easily if unmanaged, and spread rapidly. Contamination can lead to stunted plant growth, but can also kill matured plants rapidly if not caught in time. Proper IPM programs should introduce products that help monitor and reduce the amount of pesticide use while promoting a healthy ecosystem. This is why Phytotronics stands by and encourages the utilization of Pestrap™ Cards and Pestick™ Compound; effective pest management tools that monitors and traps insects before they cause damage.

Pestrap™ Cards are a powerful IPM tool. By monitoring the amount of insect pests attracted to the Pestrap™ Cards, growers can to decide whether it’s worth spraying or not. Pestrap™ colored sticky cards effectively trap western flower thrips, whiteflies, fungus gnats, shoreflies and winged aphids. The cards contain a special non-toxic adhesive on both sides. Greenhouses that have higher humidity/misting needs should not worry as Pestrap™ Cards are also moisture resistant. Additionally, the cards are made using a durable plastic stock that enable the cards to be used for a long time. Monitoring insect population is made easy as the cards are presented in 1″ grids, allowing growers to have an accurate measure and not a ballpark read. Cards come in multiple sizes, and come in blue and yellow colors. Our mid-size cards are best used at the rate of 1 card for every 500sq. ft. for proper control.

Pestick™, however, is not a card based IPM tool. Rather, it is a ready to use sticky compound for preparing in-house insect traps. The Pestick™ solution offers an incredible value over other sticky traps. In fact, the cost ratio of savings is about 1/10th of other leading traps on the market. Pestick™ comes in a gallon or a quart, depending on your needs. Before purchasing, consider that 1 gallon of this product will cover around 500 sq ft of surface area. Like the Pestrap™, the Pestick™ compound adhesive is non-toxic and water resistant. There is no need for fancy applicators as you can use a simple brush or rolled brush onto surfaces. You may use your in-house material to create your traps, or you can order our Pestick™ HD Plastic Sheeting which you can cut to any size, depending on your needs.

Phytotronics offers the best precision insect monitoring and trapping on the market, at a value that works well with any budget. Our products are built for growers, by growers and we take our stance on insect control seriously.



Why Phytotronics?

  • Phytotronics is the safer technology for the modern grower
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For over 36 years Phytotronics has been an innovative manufacturer of precision equipment and supplies for the commercial greenhouse and nursery grower. Our Phytotronics line of mist controllers and related equipment, as well as the Rhizopon™ are used by professional plant propagators and growers across North America.