Heat Mats and Thermostats – Introduction and Simple Guide

Heat mats and thermostats go hand in hand during the germination process of a seed and rooting of cuttings. Not all seeds germinate equally, and require different temperatures to germinate properly. For example, your greenhouse may host a variety of seeds such as Begonias, portulaca, peppers, lettuce, peas, pansy, etc. Your peppers, begonia and portulaca […]

Mixing It Up

Fertilizer recommendations are given in parts per million of nitrogen or as an amount per gallon of finished solution. For example, you may use a 15-5-15 fertilizer on tomatoes to supply nitrogen at a concentration of 200 ppm. For this, we normally use a fertilizer injector and make a concentrated fertilizer solution. To do this, […]

The Fertil Dispenser: Accurate and Uniform Fertilizer Application

Accurate and uniform fertilizer application is a must for the professional grower. Without it, the measure of growth will not be correct and can result in lost yields and profit. Fertilizer can be quite expensive, and uneven application can also lead to fertilizer overages and spills. Phytotronics’ friends at EnGrow has developed and engineered the […]

Advantages of working with Rhizopon Rooting Powders

Rhizopon rooting powders has been available and widely used since 1939, starting in the Netherlands. The science behind rooting powders is practical and still widely used by today’s growers. Rhizopon powders allow stronger rooting, which provides a better regulated growth environment. Auxins are plant hormones that are naturally found in cuttings. They are responsible for […]

Introducing the Trident Single Zone Mist Controller

It’s no secret that the horticultural industry relies on new technology to propel annual yields and profit margins across the board. Small and large growers consistently rely on industry efforts to enhance production while maintaining a consistent standard of quality, value and performance. Part of this effort stems from misting controllers, and the vital importance […]