Promote a Healthy Greenhouse Environment Using Our Poly Inflation Controller

Greenhouse protection is an intricate and fundamentally required part of protecting plants and grower yields. Many growers opt to cover everything in their greenhouse(s) with special polyethylene film to avoid any stall in growth, and protect plants from weather conditions and climate. This is a critical task to ensure plants grow to their full potential, […]

Boost Your Plant Growth With Electronic Leaf Mist Controller

Exceptional plant growth and propagation must adhere to proper watering conditions, environment, time of day and evaporation schedules. The key is finding the proper balance, while offering the grower peace of mind. Additionally, less watering time in the greenhouse is cost effective, and provides more flexibility for the grower. Overwatering is serious business, and a […]

Why Heat Mats and Thermostats Provide the Best Growth Environment

Heat mats and thermostats are an essential component to ensure the best soil temperatures for seedling, cutting and plant growth. A successful yield is solely dependent on the air and soil temperatures, and how these two factors facilitate a successful seed growing condition. No matter how large or small your growth operation is, a heat […]

Understanding Soil Moisture and How It’s Measured

All soil is not created equal, and the way we use soil varies from application to application. Reading soil moisture to collect data can produce quite a bit of useful data such as climatic patterns, crop growth data, carbon cycles and weather predictions. In horticulture, we use this data to maximize irrigation efficiency for our […]

The Nova 6 Zone Misting Controller – Trusted for 41 years!

Sometimes the best equipment for your greenhouse doesn’t come with WiFi, smartphone integration, ‘smart’ features, or bells and whistles that only inflate the markup. In many cases, greenhouse production thrives on technology that simply works, does the job and does it well. Our Nova 6 Zone Misting Controller cuts out the nonsense and gets the […]

Integrated Pest Management Strategy using Pestrap™ and Pestick™

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an essential part of a greenhouse insect control strategy. Insects such as aphids can contaminate a greenhouse easily if unmanaged, and spread rapidly. Contamination can lead to stunted plant growth, but can also kill matured plants rapidly if not caught in time. Proper IPM programs should introduce products that help […]

Save Money and Space with Phytotronics’ Germination Chamber

The Phytotronics Germination Chamber comes completely assembled and ready to plug and use. The ideal location for the chamber is out of direct sunlight. The sun can quickly heat the chamber past the desired set point. The fans will vent the hot air, but will also remove the necessary humidity. The chamber can be located […]

Improve Greenhouse Safety with our Hi-Hose Watering System

Phytotronics stands by greenhouse safety, including environmental concern as well as employee safety. Safety is the number one priority for any greenhouse operation, as a safe greenhouse environment leads to better productivity and system organization. One of the leading hazards in greenhouse operations are hoses. Hoses can cause hundreds of damage to your greenhouse if […]

Introducing Smart Mist Solutions and Innovation by Phytotronics.

Constantly adjusting your mist controller to keep up with changing weather can be a hassle. The risk of not getting the settings right is great. Too much water can saturate the growing media and cause root rot. Too little and the entire crop can be lost to desiccation. Much of today’s technology is labeled as […]